Halloween Attractions in Wisconsin

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Are you ready for some AWESOME FUN? BattlefieldLIVE is the premier provider of MOBILE (WE COME TO YOU!) laser tag entertainment - serving Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Voted the Number 1 Haunted House in America by Haunted Attraction Magazine. 3 Haunted Houses on one location. Our only goal this year is to scare the @#$% out of everyone. This is the one Haunted House you can't afford to miss this year. Indoor waiting, and 150 plus staff are waiting for you.

Wisconsin's only haunted house run by adults to SCARE adults is ready for another year of blood splattering madness. Splatterhaus is celebrating 13 years of scaring the crap out of you like no other haunted house can. Don't pay more to go through multiple small haunted houses when you can pay one small price to go through one huge haunted house... If you think you have the guts to make it through the scariest haunted house in Wisconsin, let us rip you open and find out. You've been to the rest but you'll SH#T at the best... Splatterhaus, a whole new dimension in fear. Due to the graphic nature of Splatterhaus, Parental discretion is strongly advised...

The Oshkosh Jaycees moved out of the Winnebago Fair Grounds in Oshkosh. For your halloween fun visit our site.

Come and experience a night of extreme fear this halloween season. The Burial Chamber, The Midwest's Largest Haunted Complex brings you 4 full-sized Haunted attractions in one location! Don't be fooled by the competition who claim to have more than one "event". We are the ONLY facility big enough to handle multiple full size attractions. The Burial Chamber is home of Adrenaline Haunted House, Blood City Haunted House, Phobia Haunted Woods and The Last Ride Burial Simulators. We are a professional attraction with Hollywood-style special effects and makeup, extensively detailed scenes, and over 100 live actors each night. Now in our 6th year of Maximum fear, we dare you to join us and get the crap scared out of you. We are not your average mom and pops haunted house. Come play with the big dogs. Come see what all the screams are all about.