Quis es Lemures


Some Explanations


'Tis a fearful thing to be no more,
Or if it be, to wander after death;
To walk, as spirits do, in brakes all day;
And when the darkness comes to glide in paths
That lead to graves; and, in the silent vault,
Where lies your own pale shroud, to hover o'er it,
Striving to enter your forbidden corpse.
John Dryden
Stone Face

Veridical Apparitions:

These are the sightings that can be coroborated through scientific or physical documentation, such as photographs, sound recordings, video tapes, or other scientific methods. EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, while not exactly a ghost, falls into this catagory.

EVP has gained much recognition in the past few years as one of the newest, and most strange paranormal occurences.In an EVP occurence, sensitive listening and recording devices are placed in appropriate places, such as mausoleums or greatly disturbed sites. A constant recording is made during an entire night, and many times, as the tape is analyzed, strange, fragmented voices can be heard very faintly on the tape, as if from speaking from a far-off place. Every precaution is taken to ensure that there is no chance of interference from any outside source. Yet the voices are there. Science still has no explanation.

Deathbed Apparitions:

The type we all hope to experience during our last moments on this earth, when a loved one appears to comfort us and lead us on into the light of the next existence. These types of encounters are most often reported by people who have gone through near-death experiences.

Reincarnate Apparitions:

Most common to Native American groups and practitioners of their Native American religions. In these cases, a recently deceased loved one reappears to a family member in the guise of its next reincarnation, to identify themselves both to the family thay have left, and to the family they will soon join as a reincarnate being.


Poltergeist is the combination of two German words: poltern, meaning "to knock," and Geist, meaning "spirit." Together you could say poltergeist to mean "noisy spirit." Traditionally a particularly pesky type of apparition that haunted many a home, recent research has hinted that poltergeist phenomena may actually be linked to psychokinetic energy randomly released by an adolescent youth. Researchers and psychologists have suggested that perhaps manifesting poltergeist activity is a way for the adolescent to express hostility without the fear of punishment or retribution.