Ghost Hunt Animation

This is just some of the basic things you need to know before you go hunting for ghosts. There are several good books that have a more in-depth look at ghost hunting, most of which can be found at larger book stores


"While yet a boy I sought for ghosts, and sped
Through many a listening chamber, cave and ruin
And starlight wood, with fearful steps pursuing
Hopes of high talk with the departed dead."
Percy Bysshe Shelly, 'Hymn to Intellectual Beauty'

Video Camera

Video cameras can be used to document the whole investigation. Someone that knows how to use one is an asset to the team. If a ghost materializes, the footage will be invaluable. Even though video is sensitive to the same range of light as human eyes, it can also pick up unseen presences, just like a still camera does.

A video camera with night features is good for picking up infrared light. Another benefit of videography is infinite video imaging (IVI). This is a technique of electronically picking up ghostly images. For IVI you need a video camera, television and possibly a VCR (if the TV dosen't have audio-video inputs). At the location you hook up the camera to the audio-video input of the TV. What you want is a set-up that whatever you point the camera at will show up on the TV.

Tape Recorder

A tape recorder is another important piece of equipment. It should have a microphone sensitive enough to pick of faint sounds at a distance. A microcassette recorder (the king used for taking personal notes) is perfect for use in an investigation. It is compact and can pick up very slight sounds. It is a good idea to keep extra blank tapes and extra batteries

There are useful for picking up EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). The best way to do this is to place the recorder near the area where the most manifestations are coming from. The tape recorder can also be used to tape interviews from eyewitnesses.

Infrared Meter

These are like EMF meters except that they pick up infrared activity. Best used in conjunction with infrared photography. They can pick up on invisible energy so that they can be photographed. You need to be aware that they will also show readings from humans, animals, and other heat sources from up to 150 feet away.

Dowsing Rods

Making a dowsing rod Dowsing rods can be made from plain metal coat hangers. To do this you cut in three places (as illustrated). The first cut is made in the middle of the bottom part of the hanger. The others are made about halfway up both sides. After cutting you bend the wires to a ninety degree angle. This gives you two wires that are L-shaped.

Using a dowsing rod The short ends are the handles and you put one in each hand, then bring the knuckles of each hand together so that the wires are side-by-side. You should grip them lightly so that they can move easily. Being made of metal the rods respond to magnetic and electromagnetic forces. They will move erractically or, more often, cross each other. They are like EMF meters and compasses in that they can be used to locate energy fields.


Noncontact thermal gauge When a ghost tries to materialize, it draws energy from the area. Heat is an energy source and a ghost may cause a "cold spot" by drawing energy to itself from the sourrounding location. Cold spots are a common incident in haunting investigations. It is best used is an area where ghosts have been reported.

A noncontact thermal gauge is one of the best thermometers to use because they give the temperature instantly up to hundreds of feet away. They analyze infrared to give accurate readings instantaneously. They cost from fifty to one hundred dollars.


When investigating a large area with more than one person (recommended), it is a good idea to have a set of walkie-talkies. When one of the group finds phenomena the rest of the group can be contacted right away. Ghosts have also been known to communicate through radio waves that can be picked up on your radios

Cellular Phone

In case of an emergency you can contact someone to get help.

Night-Vision Scope

These are used for two reasons. You can see in the dark without turning on any lights. They also can pick up infrared.