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Strange Deaths

Chef Juan Ruiz was stabbed through the heart with uncooked spaghetti strands when 150mph winds hit his restaurant in Mexico City. Two months later, a young employee of the Bennett Food Factory in the Brox, New York, died instantly when he fell head-first into an industrial dough-mixer making macaroni and was impaled by the mixing blades.

Salesman Rico Vogt choked to death in Pisa, Italy, when his tie got tangled in the blades of a food mixer he was demonstrating to a crowd in a shopping center.

The daughter of a woman who was killed when she fell down a cliff-face blowhole in 1992 fell down the same blowhole five years later. She and another young woman were swept into the Pacific Ocean near Sydney.

Kenneth Stevens, 19, was killed when his motorbike struck a bull on a country road near his home in Sourton, Devon. It was almost a duplicate of the accident in the same spot eight years before which had killed his father David. Driving home in the thick fog, his car struck a bull in the road and he was killed outright.

Carlos Jiminez was freed by a court in Coro, Venezuela, after killing his wife Maria when he rolled over in bed and hit her with his elbow.

A devoted couple, married for 44 years, died within seconds of each other at their home in Huyton, Merseyside. Margaret Connell, 63, collapsed after seeing her husband Pat, 66, suffer a heart attack.
Also going together were Catherine Whisker and her husband Leslie. Mrs. Whiskers was in a car following the ambulance carrying Leslie to the hospital when she turned to her son Paul and said she was feeling unwell; she too collapsed with a heart attack. The couple was admitted to the emergency unit and died within five minutes of each other. The Whiskers had been inseparable since childhood.

Thierry Sigaud, 31, shot and killed his mother on September 6 after she gave him a haircut he did not like in preparation for a local carniaval in Nevers, France. His father tried to intervene and was also shot dead.

An unnamed 25-year-old Argentinian man pushed his wife out of the window of their eighth-floor Buenos Aires apartment. As she fell, she got tangled in power cables. He plummeted to his death when he tried to free her and his wife managed to pull herself up onto a balcony.

Pastor Michael Davis, of the Larose Christian Fellowship Church in Louisiana, finished his sermon, stripped down to his bathing trunks, exhorted the faithful to prepare for rebirth an stepped into the pool where he intended to baptise a dozen of his flock. Unfortunately, his microphone was badly grounded; the resulting explosion left the pastor floating belly up and melted the microphone.

Exotic dancer Lucia La Bella launched a new nightclub act during which she whirled a pistol, but during her performance the gun went off and customer Mario Rosinni, 50, dropped dead. When charged with reckless endangerment, Lucia pleaded that she did not know the gun was loaded.

Stag party friends were curious when a stripper failed to jump out of a huge cake in Cosenza, Italy. They they found her dead inside it. Gina Lalapola, 23, had suffocated after waiting for an hour inside the sealed cake.

A circus trainer's shiny new suit may have caused a Bengal tiger to attack him during a performance. Wayne Franzen, 50, founder of the Franzen Brothers' Circus, died within minutes after suffering a punctured lung and neck wounds before an audience of 200 children and their families at Broad Top City, Carrolltown, Pennsylvania. The 400lb. tiger, one of three in the cage, attacked Franzen when he turned his back, then dragged him around the ring by his neck. The circus, which began in 1974, was one of the most respected of America's 'mud shows'.

Joan Davies, 72, of Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, died after slipping in her bathroom and impaling herself on the loo (toilet) brush. It went straight through her eye and 7in of it entered her brain. It is not known is she died instantly. Her body was found after worried neighbours telephoned police.

A man fell 200ft to his death when his ride-on lawnmower went over a cliff. Ken Campbell, 55, had been cutting the grass at his holiday home at Port Angeles, near Seatle. He turned sharply to avoid the cliff edge, but the mower, locked in high gear, rolled over and tumbled down a sandstone bluff.