Halloween Attractions in Pennsylvania

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride, Midnight Productions Haunted House in the Hollow, Live Entertainment and lots more! The one and only SLEEPY HOLLOW HAYRIDE takes you on a 1 1/4 mile journey through the back woods and fields of our 230 acres farm. The beautiful fall foliage and fields by day become a living nightmare after dark. HAUNTED HOUSE in the HOLLOW: Realistic depiction of a classic archetypical "haunted mansion" complete with elaborately furnished rooms, secret passages, see-through ghosts, and a perpetual thunderstorm. Seventeen rooms are open to the public on the main floor and in the cellars along with a full size cemetery and walk through crypt. With an abundance of imaginative special effects it has no need for blood, gore, or chainsaws. Plenty of exits and a staff to assist overly frightened guests. Built and operated by professionals in the entertainment industry.

Philadelphia's Premiere Haunted Attraction. Arnolds Scare World has 2 floors of the most horrifying, shocking carnage imaginable.

A truely interactive adventure tour through movie quality sets .Plenty of scares to be had with no graphic violence or chainsaws. Come se this award winning event and see the difference.

Dark Domain haunted house sets the pace for Venango County's Halloween season! This terrifying haunted attraction is located in the former Klapec Auto Body building in Rouseville, PA. Visitors will be ushered into a dimension of sheer fright! This extreme haunt is guaranteed to send an icy chill through even the bravest soul! You WILL leave a believer! After touring the Dark Domain, even the most skeptic will be quick to shut their closet door tight... before the monsters come out at night!