Halloween Attractions in Ohio

This haunting season, be sure to experience The Legends Of Horror as your scariest nightmares become your worst reality. In twenty scenes of twisted and wicked mayhem, you'll meet the horror legends of past and present. What is your ultimate fear? Chainsaws? Clowns? Mazes? Helplessly lost in acres of corn? Or other phobias too horrifying to mention? Join us to face your fears. Will this be your final scream?

Ghostly Manor, as seen on The Travel Channel, was rated as one of America's Best Haunts in the U.S. Entombed within the diabolical halls of the Ghostly Manor is an army of mindless parasites that must fulfill their destiny by tormenting all intruders. this year, the legion of monstrosities at Ghostly Manor have seized nearby strongholds, forging an outdoor fortes known as the Ghostly Gauntlet. Those brave enough to endure the treacherous dungeon will be faced with an insurmountable challenge - escaping the nationally ranked Ghostly Manor indoor haunted house, which has doubled in size for 2011

Start your evening with a one mile ride through the 68 acres at the Fear Forest and ride through the largest VORTEX TUNNEL on the planet, then get dropped off at the all new InsaneAtarium haunted house. This is the last stop for most of the crazies living here. They will welcome you to spend some time with them while they are experimented on. Meet the wackiest doctors in the world, You will beg to get out of this building before you become the next test gunnie pig. The InsaneAtarium is NOT reccomended for children and NO child tickets are available. Enter at your own RISK!!!

What Is scarier than a real cave? Really located eighty foot below ground in limestone plus 30,000 live bats! it's real! Five hundred foot of bridges. Winner of three 2007 Ohio Valley's Awards, 2008 Scariest & Best Climax Awards. Hayride to other parts of cave also, Only $4. Haunt Cave $11, Child 10 Under $5 Coupons online. Open Friday's & Saturday's 7 PM - Midnight September 26, 27, October 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31, 2009. Directions and coupons at www.HauntedCaveatLewisburg.com