Halloween Attractions in Michigan

Phobia House is a Haunted House with a Twist - Or is that a twisted side? It's located in Kalamazoo, MI. with over 16,660 sq ft of terror! We offer indoors waiting lines and free parking. Phobia House is a live actor traditional haunt, a 3-D haunt, and a phobia infested nightmare. Cost is $15.00 which includes a free pair of 3-D glasses. We always have phobias present, however, every year we change the main theme for Phobia House. Two years ago the theme was Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer, last year the theme was a Urban Legends And Dark Magic, and the theme for Phobia House 2009 is "Torment And Torture (The Sub Title is 13 Centuries Of Pain)". It will be a veritable history lesson of torture from the Inquisition to modern day. You won't want to be walking the halls of Phobia House alone this year because you never know what may be lurking around that next corner. So bring your running shoes and a friend and visit Phobia House where we challenge you to Face Your Fears!

"Where your worst NIGHTMARE becomes reality" We are celebrating our second season as Mid-Michigan's premier Haunt. Starting Thursday, October 1st, join us for a great night of spooks and scares.

The Bates Saw Mill of Torture is a horrifying account of the tragic reality that was the 1881 Fire. Based on true events and local legend. Take a walk through a cursed wooded village house and sawmill where the spirits of the Damned still rule.

An elaborate yard haunt located in Ann Arbor. We are open October 30 and 31st