Celebrity Haunts

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  • The Oatman Hotel in Oatman, Arizona, hosted newlyweds Clark Gable and Carole Lombard in 1939. Sometimes in Room 15, guests can hear the happy couple's laughter and conversation, and freshly made beds show the indentations of human forms.
  • Naturally, John, Lional, and Ethel Barrymore lived in Beverly Hills. What's more supernatural is that they're still hanging around the Barrymore Estate. Various people have seen and heard their familiar faces and voices.
  • Entertainer Mitzi Gaynor's Beverly Hills home has a phantom maid, whom Gaynor nicknamed "Mrs. Walker," after the house's former owner. Mrs. Walker is apparently a neat freak that specializes in dusting, especially the chandeliers (two of which the unseen houseguest has knocked down).
  • Silent-film legend Buster Keaton's spirit still hangs around his old Beverly Hills home. Eternally the prankster, Keaton reportedly likes to switch off lights and disconnect electronic devices. Ironically, in 1921, Keaton starred in a short film titled "The Haunted House".
  • Pickfair - once the Beverly Hills domicile of film stars Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks - was haunted by a phantom woman that carried sheet music up the stairs. And although her beloved home has been demolished, Pickford's spirit wanders around the structure that now occupies the site.
  • Actress Susan Strasberg became a believer in the paranormal while living in a haunted house in Beverly Hills. She even summonde mediums and clergy in an unsuccessful campaign to identify the female spirit that resided in an upstairs bedroom.
  • Talented actor and dancer Clifton Webb, whose movie career extended from the silent era to the early 1960s, stuck around his Beverly Hills home for some years after his death in 1966. He often made his presence known when someone was smoking, a habit that Webb despised. After a 1968 seance, webb stopped haunted the place.
  • On June 20, 1947, at the Beverly Hills home of his girlfriend Virginia Hill, mobster Bugsy Siegel was killed in a volley of gunfire, presumably by his fellow mobsters. Even today, people can feel a terrified presence seeking cover in the house.
  • The Brentwood home of actress Joan Crawford was allegedly so haunted that "Mommie Dearest" summoned a minister to exorcise the ghosts, an effort repeated by several subsequent owners. The ynwandted presence may have finally taken the hint because by 2000, the haunting seemed to have petered out.
  • Robin Givens owned a bungalow that was once leased by John Lennon. According to the actress, Lennon's spirit appeared now and then at his old pad. But she didn't mind - he seemed friendly and she liked t listen to his phantom singing.
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a plethora of phantom residents, including actor Clifton Webb, silent film star Virginia Rappe, and the original "Latin Lover," Rudolph Valentino.
  • The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has been the location of sightings of many spectral stars, including Carole Lombard (who spent time there with Clark Gable), Montegomery Clift, and Marilyn Monroe, who likes to check our her phantom figure in the lobby's mirror.
  • In September 1932, actress Peg Entwistle climbed to the top of the Hollywood sign's H and leaped to her death. Since then, a despondent blonde in 1930s-era clothing had been spotted near there on numerous occasions.
  • The ghost of actor Victor Kilian roams the sidewalk outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. In 1979, burglars murdered the 88-year-old actor in his apartment near the famed venue.
  • For many years, Ozzie and harriet Nelson lived on Camino Palmero Road in the Hollywood Hills. Ozzie's ghost has been spotted there in recent years and may be responsible for phenomena such as disembodied footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, and faucets and lights turning on and off by themselves.