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Way back in the woods of Tennessee lived and old man and his three dogs-Uno, Ino, and Cumptico-Calico. They lived in a small cabin with only one room. This room was their parlor and their bedroom and their kitchen and their sitting room. It had one giant fireplace where the old man cooked supper for himself and his dogs everynight.

One night, while the dogs were snoozing by the fire and the old man was washing up after his supper, a very curious creature crept through a crack between the logs of the cabin. The old man stopped washing his plate and stared at the creature. It had a rather round body and the longest tail you ever did see.

A soon as the old man saw that varmint invading his cozy cabin, he grabbed his hatchet. Thwack! He cut off its tail. The creature gave out a startled squeak and raced back through the crack in the logs. Beside the fire, the dogs grumbled a bit and rolled over, ignoring the whole thing.

The old man picked up the very long tail. There was some good meat on that tail, so he roasted if over the fire. Camptico-Calico woke up when she smelled the tail cooking and begged for a bite, but after the old man had his first taste, he coulnd't bear to part with a single mouthful. Cumptico-Calico grumbled and lay back down to sleep.

The old man was tired, so he finished washing up and went to bed. He hadn't been sleeping to long long a thumping noise awoke him. It sounded like and animal was climbing up the side of his cabin. He heard a scratch, scratch, scratching noise, like the claws of a cat. Ane then a voice rang out: "Tailypo, Tailypo; all I want's my Tailypo."

The old man sat bolt upright in bed. He called to the dogs, "Hut, Hut, Hut!" like he did when they were out hunting. Uno and Ino jumped up immediately and began barking like mad. Cumptico-Calico got up slowly and stretched. She was still mad at the old man for not giving her a bite of the tail. The old man sent the dogs outside. He heard them trying to climb the cabin walls after the creature. It gave a squeal and he heard a thump as it jumped to the ground and raced away, the dogs chasing it around the back of the cabin and deep into the woods.

Much later, he heard the dogs return and lay down under the lean-to attached to the cabin. The old man relaxed then and went back to sleep. Along about midnight, the old man woke with his heart pounding madly. He could hear something scratch, scratch, scratching right above his cabin door. "Tailypo, Tailypo; all I want's my Tailypo." The voice was chanting rhythmically against the steady scratch, scratch, scratch at the top of the door.

The old man jumped up, yelling, "Hut, Hut, Hut!" to his dogs. They started barking wildly, and he heard them race around the corner of the house from the lean-to. He saw them catch up with the shadowy something at the gate in front of the cabin. The dogs almost tore the fence down trying to get at it. Finally, Cumptico-Calico leapt onto a stump and over the fence, Uno and Ino on her heels, and he heard them chasing the creature way down into the big swamp.

The old man sat up for a while, listening for the dogs to return. About three in the morning, he finally fell asleep again. Toward daybreak, but while still dark, the old man was wakened again by the sound of a voice coming from the direction of the swamp. "You know, I know; all I want's my Tailypo." The old man broke out in a cold sweat and yelled, "Hut! Hut! Hut!" for his dogs. But the dogs didn't answer, and the old man feared that the creature had lured them down into the bit swamp to kill them. He got out of bed and barricaded the door. Then he hid under the covers and tried to sleep. When it was light, he was going to take his hatchet and his gun and go find his dogs.

Just before morning, the old man was wakened from a fitful doze by a thumping sound right in the cabin. Something was climbing the covers at the foot of his bed. He peered over the covers and saw two pointed ears at the end of the bed. He could hear a scratch, scratch, scratching sound as the creature climbed up the bed, and in a moment he was looking into two big, round, fiery eyes.

The old man wanted to shout for the dogs, but he couldn't make his voice work. He just shivered as the creature crept up the bed toward him. It was large and heavy. He could feel its sharp claws pricking him as it walked up his body. When it reached his face, it bent toward him and said in a low voice, "Tailypo, Tailypo; all I want's in my Tailypo."

All at once, the old man found his voice and he yelled, "I ain't got your Tailypo!" And the creature said, "Yes you have!" And it grabbed the old man in its claws and tore him to pieces.

The next day, a trapper came across the old man's dogs wandering aimlessly on the other side of the swamp. Whe the trapper brought the dogs back to the log cabin, he found the old man dead. All that remained were a few scraps of clothing and some grisly bones. As the trapper buried the old man, he heared a faint chuckling sound coming from the swamp, and a voice said, "Now I got my Tailypo." When they heard the vouce, the dogs turned tail and ran for their lives.

There's nothing left of that old cabin now except the stone chimney. Folks who live nearby don't like to go there at night, because when the moon is shining brightly and the wind blows across the swamp, sometimes you can still hear a voice saying, "Tailypo."