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Don't Sell My House


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When Tilly's daughter, Lisa, married a nice widower after an extremely short courtship, the newlyweds bought a beautiful new RV and had it installed on their property so Tilly could have a place of her own to live. It was a nice arrangement for her. She had her privacy, but she was close enough to walk to her daughter's house whenever she chose - which was often, becauese she and Lisa were very close.

Mark had built the house for his first wife, who had died of cancer two years before his marriage to Lisa. It was a small, two-story cottage with a finished basement. Tilly had her own key to the basement door so she could do her laundry whenever she pleased without disturbing her daughter and son-in-law.

About a year after Lisa and Mark's wedding, they found out that they were expecting twins. Tilly was delighted with the news that she was going to be a grandmother, but she was concerned that the house was rather small for a double addition to the family. After talking it over, Mark and Lisa put the cottage up for sale and started searching for a bigger house with enough property to house Tilly's RV. And that's when the problems began.

Tilly noticed it first. Suddenly, the cottage was filled from night until morning with the discintive smell of expensive perfume. Lisa was allergic to perfume and never wore it, so the source of the smell was a mystery. The first time Mark smelled it, her turned pale and grimly told Tilly that it was the scent his dead wife had favored.

The furniture that Lisa had rearranged when she firts came to the little cottage abruptly moved back to its original place. Tilly knocked her shins several times on a side table that would not stay pur. Dished moved from one cupboard to another, the sofa was pushed back against the wall, and the books in Mark's study were taken out of their catagories and put in alphabetical order, the way his former wife and kept them arranged. Tilly was sure that the ghost of Mark's first wife had returned to the little cottage. But why? If she was jealous of Lisa, why had it taken her a whole year to manifest herself?

One afternoon, Tilly was down in the basement doing her laundry while Mark and Lisa were out discussing the sale of the cottage with their attorney. They had just received a generous bid on the house and had decided to accept it. Tilly was emptying the washing machine when she became aware of movement by the staircase leading to the kitchen. Tilly turned and saw a young woman floating a foot above the staircase, wearing a white dress sprinkled with pink flowers. Tilly froze in shock, the laudry basket was shaking in her hands.

"Don't sell my house," the young woman said.
Tilly swallowed convulsively, not sure what she should say or do.
"This is my house. Don't sell my house!" the woman said again. Her pretty face was suddenly transformed with rage, and she shook her fist at Tilly. Tilly gave a shriek of fear, dropped the basket of wet laundry, and ran for the outside door. Hands shaking, she yanked it open and raced across the lawn toward her RV.

Slamming the trailer door behind her, Tilly locked it and sank down into a chair, gasping for breath. All at once, the RV started shaking violently, as if someone were pushing against it.
"Don't sell my house!" a voice wailed outside. "Don't sell my house!" Fists began pounding against the door so violently that the metal dented. Tilly fled to the back of the RV and locked herself in the bathroom.